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ETSA is an independent telecommunications infrastructure company. We build, install and operate communication towers to enable the connection between the networks and the local communities that depend on their services.

From rural connectivity to the big city, from Cape Point to Deepest Africa we are helping you connect to the world.


Site planning

Access Road building

Pre- approvals (EIA, CAA, LA)

Telecoms Site building

Mast and site maintenance

Fibre Infrastructure



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Comprehensive Capabilities

Site Planning

ETSA proposes to act on behalf of the client as a coordinator for the above mention function. ETSA will be responsible for coordinating all stakeholders involved with the planning and obtaining all relevant information of the particular site. This includes both “Rooftops” and "Greenfield" sites. The idea is to provide the client with a detailed package that will entitle them to submit for EIA, CAA and LA applications. The package will consist of drawings and a Scope Of Works. The advantages for the client would be:

Lease Negotiations

While flexible enough to cater for the dynamic nature of the industry, these services are designed to drive cost, productivity and efficiency.

AC power line Application

Access Road build and maintenance

Pre- approvals (EIA, CAA, LA)

Environmental Impact Assessment

RF Installations

Service: Transmission planning and implementation

Service: Site Maintenance and Civil Upgrades

Service: Mast Maintenance and Upgrades

Service: Fibre Infrastructure

A COMPREHENSIVE Set  Of  Telecommunications  Infrastructure Services Designed Specifically To Provide Value Creating Opportunities For Network Operators