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Corporate Wellness...

               through "Yoga"

Yoga may not make people love their jobs, but it can give them tools for accepting their work and coping with stress.

When we talk about our work life, it's almost a given that work is a burden, an obstacle. According to the mystics, work is the ultimate expression. It's how we connect to the community."







Margeaux Arderne

+27 76 282 5526

yoga @ ilct . net

Certified Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer

Why Yoga?

On Offer:
- Seated Yoga Classes
- Floor Yoga Classes
- Guided Meditations
- Surveys

Prices, Sessions and Options

• Sessions are available between 9am and 4pm -         Monday to Friday (Excluding public holidays.

• Rates charged per hour (45 minute session)        

• Minimum of 4 hours per month (once per week)

• @ R550 per hour

Busy professionals have a lot of demands on their time and allocating time for yoga just doesn’t factor. But what if they understood the potential benefits to their work and home lives?

Two scientific reviews in 2005 on yoga’s effects on anxiety and depression found that yoga helps moderate reactions to and perceptions of stress, as well as significantly lifting depression. It bumps up levels of the neurotransmitter GABA which both lifts mood and suppresses anxiety according to a 2007 study on brain GABA levels and yoga.'

In addition to serving the function of both body and mind, yoga is a practice that can be done with very little space, minimal equipment, and an avoidable wardrobe change in a desk-format.

By focusing on your breathing and the poses for an hour, you give your mind a rest from the pressures of reports and deadlines.

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.........Margeaux has been my private Yoga Instructor for the at least 3 years. I have a slipped disk in my back as well as a deformation of my spine. She's helped me to overcome these problems by teaching me a tailor-made yoga program. With her expert skills she helped me tremendously. Margeaux is an intelligent and motivated individual. She is more than capable of managing yoga classes as well as taking care of individual problems. Due to her continuous updating of latest trends and practices in the Yoga environment, her students benefit at great length from her initiative.

Stephanie Fuesgen


An authentic note from one of my foreigh students.......image 1 

Napassawan Mattei


........I have known Margeaux for all the time she has been at Virgin Active teaching the yoga practice. She ably took over from the previous instructor and has filled the classes with much enthusiasm and dedication. The students have enjoyed many interesting and beneficial postures and exercises through her guidance and patience. She has trained and worked many years overseas in Hong Kong and grown within herself to a higher level of understanding in the yoga practice. We as her students are enjoying her classes at Virgin Active each week.
I strongly recommend her to any Corporate environment where she can benefit as well as enhance the health and welfare of your employees by introducing her skills in giving yoga classes at your company. Margeaux has a friendly and relaxed disposition and is a very likeable and understanding person.

Dawn De Vries










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for your Businesses

• improves company and personal performance
• increases productivity and efficiency

• promotes team work, camaraderie and supportive employee interaction

• improves morale and job satisfaction, resulting in less turnover

• provides a cost-effective way to provide employees tools to cope with stress and the challenges while at work


for your Employees

• reduces stress and tension
• improves focus, concentration and memory

• relieves head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion and/or lifting and moving objects

• improves overall physical and mental health
• improves posture and flexibility
• improves your outlook, inspiring a better day!

• Healthier employees produce higher quality work, make better decisions and pay more attention to detail.

• Providing yoga classes to your employees allows them to meet and interact with co-workers and supervisors in a casual way that can lead to deeper work relationships.



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